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Each one of us has a vision of a better world. This drives us to create and work to make this vision a reality.

Our dreams can go beyond the scope of the individual. They can unite the crowds and set the world in motion. They are the starting point for leadership.

For these dreams to come true, we need leaders and organizations that develop in tune with the people who make it up. The most powerful projects are those where the forces are all free and moving together. It is these organizations that will allow society to move forward little by little because a vision cannot be build in one day: every day matters.

Fly The Nest’s mission is to support the realization of individual and collective visions.


Fly The Nest is part of a movement all over the world, which facilitates the ecological and social transition.

Fly The Nest is able to support all visionary, and all collective, everywhere around the planet.

Fly The Nest is a major player in the structural transformation of societies. We support the territories, at all ladder. We support Europe and the UN.

Those who have experienced Fly The Nest talk about it as the most memorable experience of their professional life.

We are an exchange platform and decentralized good practices, which shines worldwide, by highlighting open source know-how necessary for the realization of all of our dreams.

Fly The Nest is a global network decentralized and self-directed birdies, which assemble and separate as desired projects, desires and needs of the world.

All the men and women of the planet naturally bring their actions with their internal engines and their environment.


Our values are our common frame of reference. We all share them beyond the diversity of our profiles and personalities. They guide our day-to-day behaviour both internally and with our customers.

Building meaningful relationships means being sincerely involved in fruitful relationships.  

We are honest within our group as well as with our customers and partners. We want to be sure that they can do the same with us, because a true relationship is not possible without mutual trust.  

Accessibility and the search for deep and simple exchanges, without judging, are the basis of these sustained and long-lasting relationships. It takes time and commitment.


Practically speaking

We organize a team seminar every 6 months. It is an opportunity to work on our vision, our roadmap for the coming months but also our culture. It is also the time when our relationships are consolidated and strengthen our collective.

Working at Fly The Nest means getting to know your colleagues by heart by attending seminars with them, but it also means sharing your joys, your sorrows, your victories as well as your daily learning. A small group session is set every Monday morning to share our news.

Finally, as our weekly agenda can be quite full, we meet every Friday evening around an aperitif to share our respective weeks.

Growing is showing a permanent will to progress and improve, while accepting today’s reality.


We consider that growth is inherent to life. The tree that no longer grows is dying: it is important to keep on going, to search, to improve, to feed oneself.


For us, progress means continuously and sustainably integrating new knowledge into our daily lives through practice.


Practically speaking


We can progress in our businesses and practices in several ways: weekly training sessions to help each other with the problems we encounter; lunches every Friday to learn a subject, held by team members or outside speakers; assessment sessions every six months to help us make progress in our businesses and the embodiment of our values.

To decide is to act and take responsibility, to get things done

In our collective, deciding for yourself does not mean deciding for others: soliciting opinions and involving stakeholders are part of the decision.  

But in order to take responsibility for one’s decisions, one must already listen to one’s intuition, form one’s own opinion (with the help of the other’s opinion) and affirm one’s convictions through action.


Practically speaking

At Fly The Nest, bosses or managers don’t exist, everyone is responsible for the sustainability of the structure as a co-founder. We therefore operate in self-governance, and everyone has the same job. We manage the entire value chain of the company, from sales to support.

We use the process of soliciting opinions on a daily basis to make decisions. Want to invest €10,000 in a project? Need for some training? A part-time contract? Every decision impacting the collective requires us to talk to our colleagues about it.

This process is also used for our salary increases. Every six months,
we must each decide to increase ourselves (or not) , taking into account the opinions of our colleagues.

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