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We support entrepreneurs
and their teams
in scaling successfully

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Built in 2015, the Fly The Nest ship now has 19 explorers on board.
We’re all co-founders with various profiles, constantly making our organization elvove using our own tools.
Our motto is to make Fly The Nest the best example of Fly The Nest : And it’s an adventure that always keeps us fascinated!

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We know for sure that societies improve when individuals – inspired by a common dream – put themselves at the service of their environment. We want to see more visionary entrepreneurs, more teams committed to their work, more collectives in which the human being is at the center. We help them scale, one step at a time.

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Get structured

Before a strong growth.
Even if the board’s all green, you must anticipate your needs before you hit the gas, and use the collective intelligence to ensure everyone’s commitment.

Unite your team

During a period of strong growth.
The company is growing fast, customers and employees are multiplying. To cope and hold it together over time, painlessly, bring your team together.

Make your team committed again

After a fundraising.
You’re in a transition phase at all levels (offices, turnover, leaving partner, etc.), before re-accelerating quickly, redesign your project collectively.

Take control of your culture

When your business is changing.
No matter how mature you are, in times of crisis, only the human being remains, so you’ll make a difference through your culture.

Focus on your challenges

When the business is in trouble.
The imminence of failure is the best time to invest in your team and trust them blindly. Its commitment will then be total.

Change your position

From founder to leader.
Your role changes as your company evolves. It’s time to delegate and adopt an inspirational position to motivate your team.


You can feel it. You’re about to speed up. The project/product is working, and the finances are good. It’s the right time to align the whole team…
Lay a solid foundation that will make your future growth a pleasure!




Launching a Fly The Nest before the scale is to perpetuate the business by introducing a long-term logic, to make sure to make the right choices in future recruitments and to bring the team together as it embarks on a growth phase.

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New hirings are starting to shake up the ship, and you still have a lot of open positions. You need to build with ever-increasing speed…

Structure your organization and its culture to keep the soul of your startup at the center!




Launching a Fly The Nest during the scale means making sure that all the company’s teams are in the same boat, that everyone is involved in cross-functional projects and that each manager’s leadership skills are enhanced.

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Your company is now bigger, and you’re starting to pay for it. The fluidity of the beginning has evaporated, the cash is burning, the tensions are building up, and you’re dreaming of a little more stability…

Rebuild the bases and free the constraints to be up and running again!




Launching a Fly The Nest after a scale is to federate a new team around a common identity base and a common vision.

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Key Accounts

Support of in-house teams or intrapreneurial projects.


Individual coaching of leaders, managers or employees.


Speeches on scaling up and team engagement.


Support of family businesses in transition or takeover.


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Découvrez notre livre FLY,
Le Guide pratique pour réussir son aventure collective !