To succeed, every organization must transform itself regularly. Startups are even in constant evolution. We are convinced that your teams’ commitment to change will make your project a success.

Did you just raise money? Are you experiencing strong growth? Your team changed – critical or numerous departures, the arrival of high profiles, or even a buy-out?

Make this event an opportunity to build and structure your business.

Management modes are changing, your environment is more and more complex… It’s time to learn how to work differently. Fly The Nest is a simple, practical, and innovative approach that engages everyone through the practice of the collective.

To give your employees the opportunity to become leaders,

we ask you three questions :

History and inspiration

The genesis of Fly The Nest comes from the DRHEAM method, a project management model based on the principle of cooperation through commitment. Basically designed to speed up large-scale industrial projects, we have adapted it to human-sized and growing structures.

Our approach has been built up through a great deal of practices and experimentation, as well as through a few readings. Among our masters of thought, we find:

  • Simon Sinek, WHY’s worldwide specialist who helped us build highly efficient workshops to question your core purpose. If you haven’t seen his video, it’s time!
  • Tony Hsieh, a great guru of the corporate culture of Zappos, his company. Our use of values owes a lot to The Happiness Company, its exciting management book (if it exists!).
  • Peter Drucker, great theorist of objective-based management. With him, we learned that by focusing only on the result, performance becomes a part of pleasure.
  • Edgar Morin, complexity thinker, who inspired the agile movement. Embracing uncertainty means confronting the real and present world.
  • Frédéric Laloux for all his work on governance and coaching tools. Despite the radical nature of his book Reinventing Organizations, he remains an inspiration to us.